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Madeline's style varies from her intricate, artistic and wild style to her subtle, feminine and introverted nature. Her styles scream her name in totally different ways, every time she does her own or others makeup.


Madeline has recently started a course in SPFX, screen and media makeup art and will be posting her progress throughout the course, with little videos of her creations.


Give feedback and donate to support her through her studies!  

SPFX Makeup

SPFX makeup, from Zombies to Elves. Look over progress made through Madeline's course and give feedback 

Creative Glamour Makeup

Look through Madeline's wild and creative experiments with her look. Using makeup as paint and her face as a canvas, this girl has an endless range of looks.

Photoshoot Makeup

Here you can review Madeline's High Fashion Makeup looks. These looks are more of a natural, night time range of makeup styles that are great for parties and formal events.

#LOTD Makeup

#LOTD! Madeline's daily diary of makeup looks. 

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