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Aspergers and Autism

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Sensory Processing

As a Model, Madeline has to be on top of her game, social, organised and confident. However, having High Functioning Aspergers means this can be very difficult at times.The sensory stimulation, need to communicate and being ready for anything that may happen can be very stressful for anyone let alone a neurodiverse individual.

Madeline has been in therapy her whole life and has learned a lot of strategies that have made modelling and everyday life a lot easier. Here, Madeline will share videos, blogs, links, and more in order to provide helpful information in dealing with the everyday struggles of a neurodiverse individual so you can use her strategies or create your own.


Strategies and Exercises that are calming in overwhelming situations.


Activities and Ideas in order to relieve excess energy caused by anxiety.

Anxious Energy

Social and Psychological signs that can make it easier to interact with people in general.

Social Ques

Self Talk advice and ways to improve your self esteem and grow your confidence.

Self Esteem
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