Hypersensitivity: Why I Started the Sensory Friendly Series.

Hey Mortals!

Apologies for the lack of blogs, lately. Don't worry, I'm able to do more now that I have my YouTube Channel up and running. Speaking of YouTube! You may have noticed that I have recently been doing Sensory Friendly guides to makeup, clothing, ect and there are more to come too! This is because using makeup and wearing diverse styles of clothing was my therapy but being hypersensitive can make having fun with these things really difficult. Now, I figured out I was hypersensitive before I found out I was on the spectrum. Part of me didn't believe it for a while because of my love for

makeup and the fact that I can last ages in a corset. The way these things feel to me was much more pleasant than what others expressed towards them so I was quite confused.

However, I came to understand Hypersensitivity as an extension to our natural senses. Basically, senses are biological tools that help us understand our environment and what's going on in the world. Hypersensitivity makes all the information taken in from sight, scent, texture or hearing ability overwhelming. It is an extreme physical reaction to a substance or texture and also is a tendency to get emotional easily. This gave me a much better understanding of myself, the world around me and why I was so confused about believing I had it in the first place.

So, I figured out the reason I have an obsession with makeup and fashion is because I need to stimulate my brain so I could understand people and my environments better and also just so I could relax in general. Every different style I experimented with was a way for me to walk in someone else's shoes (kindo) and relate to them and the way I'd fidget with the things I'd wear and chew on my pens in school was a way for me to relax when I was uncomfortable. So the fact that I was learning helped me deal with new environments and the social anxiety that comes with not being able to relate to people.

So that told me why I loved the feeling of makeup but what about the things that caused me stress or discomfort. Well, my hypersensitivity is mainly emotional but that was no surprise to me. However, A few things really do bug me when it comes to some sensations. Such as crumbly mascara, high pitch frequencies and turtlenecks.

For a while I felt like the odd one out when it comes to women having ASD but a while ago I found out that a lot of women (and men) on the spectrum feel more comfortable with makeup on, whether it be a concern they have with their appearance, their environment or whatever.

So, I figured I should make those videos for the women (and men) who like wearing makeup or like playing with different styles but also suffer sensory difficulties. Since liking makeup/fashion and having hypersensitivity can really clash, hence why it caused me a lot of stress before I fully understood what it was....Lol..

Now that I have a better understanding of all that jazz I was able to bring my focus to making these things more comfortable for myself and others. Though, I was disappointed to find out that the majority of sensory friendly items are designed for children and not so much for adults. Though, kids need their sensory friendly items too doesn't mean I'm not disappointed that adults on the spectrum can't find much out there.

I figure, even if my videos don't help many people or anyone (it would be awkward) and it would bring awareness to people who work with fashion and makeup and also those who may be going through a similar situation I did with that confusion I mentioned earlier.

To be honest, You don't even need ASD to be hypersensitive. It's just common for people with ASD to also be hypersensitive so these videos may help people who are not on the spectrum too.

All of this gave me a lot of motivation to do this series and I'll continue updating it throughout my career as I learn and discover more.

So far I have done Sensory friendly videos on makeup and clothing (general guides) and also a smokey eye makeup tutorial. Stay tuned for Episode 3 of the series which will be uploaded at the end of the week! For now, if you haven't seen the videos that have already been uploaded you can watch them here!

Do be warned that I had trouble with my audio at first so some people may not be able to watch the first few videos without having to turn the volume right down.... Sorry about that...

However, I got the hang of it after a while and now am able to make the music quiet enough for the majority of people to stand.

I hope it's helpful to at least some people out there.

Happy day, Mortals!

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