August 18, 2018

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Hypersensitivity: Why I Started the Sensory Friendly Series.

December 3, 2018

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Why oils are AMAZING for your skincare rutine!

October 2, 2018


Hey mortals!




Wix finally descided to get it's act together and now I can write blogs again. From now on most of my makeup tutorials will be on my Youtube channel 😄😄😄😄


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Aaaaanyway! I am talking about oil today! Essential oil and carrier oils can be amazing for your skin but for starters I'm gonna explain why I use oil in my rutine.




One- I am quite sensertive. I don't mean my feelings are hurt easily, I mean that I am strongly affected by aromas, noises, textures, tastes and sight too. So I, being what is called a "sensory seeker" LOVE essential oils because they smell AMAZING!!!!!




However, I dilute my essential oils so they aren't too strong for me. It's easy!




Reason number two: The smell of these actually calm down my mind. Nooo joooke, I feel like it works like aroma therepy.




Here is a list of essential and carrier oils and how they can benefit you!









(Essential oils smell really REALLY strong so use only a few drops).




Lavender oil- lavender oil is a healing agent and is great for treating acne and acne scars.




Teetree oil- Teetree is an antibacterial, it's basically dettol in oil form! It will kill all of those germs that cause breakouts! (Just make sure you dilute this one in water because it is very strong and can cause discomfort when applied directly).




Frankincense oil- This one is great for most skin types. Like Teetree oil it has antibacterial properties and on top of that is an anti-inflammatory as well.




Basil oil- This stuff is used in a lot of skin product formulas and is great for treating acne and other skin infections due to it also being an antibacterial.








Grapeseed oil- Grapeseed oil has heaps of vitamin E and is great for moisturizing and removes the appearence of scars.




Argan oil- Now we all know about argan oil. It's in a lot of formulas because it is probably the best moisturizing oil there is. Just only use a little amount because it can feel really slimey and gross if you use too much.... It's not fun..






Coconut oil- This stuff is pretty much just like argan oil with its moisturizing properties and commonly used in product formulas, however it's a better makeup remover than argan oil.




Jojoba oil- You have probably heard of this stuff too. Jojoba oil is also often used in product formulas and can balance the oil content of your skin amd make it less oily.




If you want more information about oils you can find it HERE



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