Modelling: We all NEED Contracts!

Hey Mortals! We need to talk! Now, I have dabbled in contracts and agensies. However, I've mainly talked about what you shouldn't sign, instead of what you should sign. The difficult part is models need a contract for legal reasons. A contract will provent people from scamming you, not paying you, using your photos for things you didn't agree too and so on. A contract will also make you look more professional in the industry. I did a lot of research when I was doing my contract and I thought of risks I am commonly exposed too as well as things that are likely to mess with my career, such as: TPF rights. Revealing/nude shoots. Work health/safety risks. Any expenses I need reimbursed. First off, I specifically mention that any TPF I partake in that results in any photos on social media or sites has to have my name on it or account. This prevents my photos from being used illegally. Revealing/nude shoots have to be paid for. This prevents me from getting bad exposure and also keeps me safe from people who aren't professional. Health and safety os always important and models do have a lot of exposure to risks. What if I'm on a catwalk and fall off the stage? What if I'm at the beach during a shoot and a wave comes and pushes me off a rock? In any case, I have made it clear that I may need compensation so I can take time off work to heal any injury I may get. This is tbe type of thing models needd to focus on so that they are safe and can go on the career path they want. After writing it, I was so much more motivated to work so I encourage any new faces to write one up for yourself.

Work Safe Mortals!

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