#LOTD: Another Bi Pride look!🌈🦄HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!!🦄🌈

 Mortals! I love June! It's winter, the month of my birthday and also PRIDE MONTH!!!! That means it's time for one amazing thing.... ..it is... ... ... ☄GLITTER!!!! WOO!!!☄ This look is awesome!

I just started out by dabbing the royal blue body paint on the lower half of my face and blending it into purple at my jawline. I then blended the purple halfway down my neck, before blending into the pink and taking it down tothe bottom of my neck. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I then packed on the glitter that was the same colour as the paint. After that I painted my lips pink, before applying base makeup to the top half of my face.

I added a royal blue shadow to the creases of my eyes and blending it out, before I move on to a darker blue to add some depth. I then cover my upper lids in purple and my lower lids in pink. I then line my eyes with a classic cat eye, before applying more glitter to my inner corners and my creases, making sure the glitter is over the same colour shadow.

I then filled my brows in with a dark purple, dripped foundation down the lower half of my face and added a wig and I'm done! HAVE FUN GUYS! IT'S TIME TO BE FABULOUS!  

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