#LOTD Subtle/Natural looks.

Hello Mortals!

Recently I have been attempting more Natural/subtle looks with my makeup. This is because I am used to doing bight, bold and dramatic looks so I'm just trying to step out of my comfort zone a bit and learn more. 

At first I was dreading it because I thought it was just going to be boring but I was wrong! Its not!


Here is what I learned so far.

First, bronzer/contour can be used instead of/without blush. This usually only works if you have yellow/orange undertones to your skin but if that is the case a slightly warmer brown will work.😄😄😄

Winged liner will always work. With or without eye shadow.

Lip contouring goes well and it's a nice change for me because I never make my lips the main focus of my makeup.


Subtle/natural looks can go far. This makeup made me look really glowy but with the maroon top it kind of added to the effect so it's good to kind of match the tones of your clothes with your makeup. 


Just know that you can still have a lot of fun with it. Have fun!

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