#LOTD Dots and Lines are Good 😐😐😐

Hey Mortals. 

I apologize for my absence. Wix is being rude and having problems which is preventing me from posting. 

Even as I write this! 


At any given time!


It could crash on me!


But we got to believe it won't so that it doesn't! Woo will power!

Anyway, here is my look!

Of course, starting off with a primed face, covered in foundation and powder. I lightly contoured my cheeks and blended a tiny amount of blush into it.

My eyes are contoured with a light, warm brown shadow and covered my lid in a off white, shimmer. I then lined my eyes with an extended wing and pointed it towards the tip of my eyebrow, before creating a point at the inner eye corner. And then I drew two more lines below the wing we drew before. Extending the one in the middle at the halfway point of the wing and the bottem one draw out a bit further than halfway of the line above.

I drew the dots between my eyebrows and drew a smaller dot beneath that one and an even smaller one below the second dot down.

I then painted my pout with a bronze shimmer lipstick and then drew two lined going down my bottem lip.

And then I used up thirty minutes on my life playing with highlighter...




Have fun with your makeup, guys!

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