LOTD- Classic Glam.

Hey mortals! 

Today, I'm going to show you how I do my Glam looks. 


(Not that I am as glamorous as your stereotypical model)🤣🤣🤣🤣 No joke, I literally burp the alphabet to this day!

But sometimes I do like embracing my classier side. So I did this!

My makeup is a very nude look from what I usually do, however I still had my winged liner to ad a bit more interest.

So after I applied my normal face makeup I contoured a bit and added some peachy coloured blush. I then toik a warm chocolate coloured eye shadow and blended my creases into a cat eye shape. I then added a pale cream colour to the lid, before highlighing the inner corner and blending it into the shadow. 

I linded underneath my eye with the same chocolate colour from earlier, before lining my eyes and then applying mascara and highlighting the other areas of my face.

I wore a warm pink lipstick and applied a lighter gloss to create a bit of a lip contour, as well.

I wore this red dress because it contrasts well with my pale complexion and it also shapes my body well because it comes in at the waist, whilst the skirt flairs out and the heart shaped top with the lace over it creates more of an hourglass illusion.

Now, I could not find any red accessories so I chose black. Most of my black accessories have some silver on them and I thought it would look like it would match better if I stuck to silver.

Who cares, even if your outfit and accessories don't match. You do you! fashion is a right so do what you want with your style.

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