Agreements: I Walked Out on my Last Job.

Hello Mortals!

Sorry, I haven't posted in a bit. To be honest I havn't been doing as well this week but don't worry because really I was just inspired to write this blog and warn you guys, especially those of you who either want to be a model or are already new faces.


So, I travled all the way to Brisbane because I was going to be a part of a hair show. The agreement was that I was going to get a pixie cut and some colour.

However...Heh.. How...Ever... 😐😐😐

The haircutter assigned to me showed me a photo of what she was going to do to my hair.....


I was horrified! That picture showed me a little mental gif of my career going down the drain!

Before my eyes, displayed on this womans phone was basically a modern day mullet!



And so I left....

Not only was I walking out because it was just a bad haircut that would never suit me in a million years and would provent me from getting more work but it was not a pixie cut.



I didn't and I'm glad my hair is the same⬇

Heaps of people whether they're a model or not get pressured into bad haircut that they never asked for. But the thing is hair dressers, despite the fact that they are qualified to work with hair, they are MEANT to be qualified to cut your hair in a way that suits you and if they pick a cut that you don't like or a cut that you know will not suit you DEFEND YOUR SELF ESTEEM!!!!!!


Your hair is attached to you so it is still a part of your body which means you have power over it and no one else has a right to mess with it in a way you do not want them too.

But even more than that! When you are a model and you make an agreement with someone and they breach it do not continue to do the job. They showed that they are not professional enough to stick to an agreement that means you deserve a better opportunity.


It's a very disheartening situation to be in but just be patient and you'll get a better one with time.


And NEVER give up!

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