#LOTD: My Love for Stockings and Socks!

Hey Mortals!

Sorry, I haven't written in a while! 😟😟😟

I have been very busy lately! 


I have more work lined up over the next few weeks so stay tuned for more fun photoshoots and events and fun stuff like that.


But for now check this new look out! 

I baaed my eyes with a brown-ish/gold tone and then went over my lid again with a matt crimson red. I then took my deepest black and worked it into my creases, before creating a cat eye shape by winging out my shadow and using it to line under my eyes.

Finally, I took a red shimmer and highlighted my inner eye corners.


The outfit I chose for this look was very urban/alternative. 

The crop top is one of my favorites and it goes amazingly with the tartan scorts!

But my favorite part about this outfit is the stockings! 😁😁😁

These are my skelly leg stockings! 

Stockings are amazing for all sorts of things like..

Keeping warm

Hiding leg hair/scaring

Emphasising shape

And a bunch of other things! 

So I do recommend that you stock up on them because they can make outfits into perfection.

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