#LOTD Pastel makes a Good Friday!

Good Friday, mortals! 🤗🤗🤗

I hope you've had your serving of fish today!


... Unless you're vegan..


Today, I thought I better get into the chocolate season spirit so I did a pastell look today!


The highlight I used was so intense! I just took my lightest pink shimmer to my eyelid and then took a bright purple and worked it into my creases before I blended it out with the pastell purple.

I highlighted my inner eye corner with a pastell blue shimmer and blended it towards my outter eye corner. 

I then used more blue shimmer for the symbol on my forhead. Before outlining it with liquid eye liner.

I also used the liner to create a cat eye wing and then I dotted towards my inner eye corner and toward the middle of my lower lid I created a swirl dropping over my cheek bones.

I then created a v shape with more liner on my cupids bow.


Yay for pastell and have a Good Friday!

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