Water Challenge: Week 3, Day 24 and Benefit 3

Hey Mortals!

I am craving coffee like it's going out of fashion! 😓😓😓

But I gotta stay strong for just one more week after this!


But for now I'd like to address body image! This is a very controversial subject in the fashion industry so if anyone gets offended. I'm sorry. 

We have all noticed the change and have seen more curvy wemon modelling which is absolutely amazing! 


Good on ya ladies!

However, the one thing that has been easy for me as a model is not being able to gain weight. This, to me, is both a good and bad thing.

The good part is that I can fit into the tiniest garments. 

The bad part is I have to work really hard for any curves.😐😐😐 

However, I am able to eat and gain weight now because all the water I have been drinking has made protine more digestable and now I'm able to consume over 90grams without feeling sick.


Now this photo are going to be "before" photos. When I gain more of the desired curves  you'll get "during" and "after" photos as well.

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