Ashton's Charity Pageant: About Pageants and Interview with Ashton!

Hey Mortals! 

I have to start this off by saying that yesterday was just amazing! 😄😄😄

This was my first Pageant ever and I didn't know what to expect or what was expected of me. And since I learned how to walk when I was 9yo I had to try and remember things that just seemed a bit out of my memory's reach and tell myself "Chill out, Maddy. Just have fun and you'll be fine."

And turns out that advice was good advice. 😎😎😎 Because I had fun and people saw me having fun even when I made a mistake. 

Some people don't like Pageants because they think its about being judged on looks. If that were the case there wouldn't have been a "best personality" award.  

Let me make this very clear... The type of fun kids have during these events encourage a healthy psychology! I saw every contestent being themselves and having the time of their life, dancing around the stage with big, sweet smiles on their faces.

Every outfit worn showed a different side to a contestent but the way they presented themselves revealed more of their personality. 🤗🤗🤗 Seriously, so many of these kids had amazing stage presence not only because they're a talented bunch but because they had the time of their lives.

First up, we presented Formal Wear and saw pure class from every contestant. And the variety of outfits for this section was vast. 😀😀😀

Most of the youngest kids had a frilly/tutu type of dress that was covered in flowers and sparkles. A little boy had tiny dress pants on with a white shirt, vest and bow tie! The older kids had dresses more like ball gowns that were long and often decoratted in jewels. And in my age group there were a lot of sparkles, besides me. I just wore a satin fabric dress.


Next was Casual. This category had more variety and showed more personality, in my opinion. From little rompers to overalls, the way these kids wore their clothes and danced on stage was awesome. I figured my Pinup look was unique enough for this catagory so on I went, covered in dots.


Outfit of Choice was the best Catagory for artistic freedom. Contestants got to put together their own creations and costumes and, on top of all that most of them did full on dance routines. I just got my highschool formal dress and did a bunch of poses that suited the gothic style I was going for. 

After the Event, I got to talk to Ashton for a bit. I asked him a few questions about himself and his experience with Pageants.

I started off by asking "What made you want to do Pageants?" 

"I had got the idea from my sister, she has been doing Pageants just like this and before I started it was hard for me to speak in front of my class but now I'm more comfortable."

"What has been the most fun experience you've had doing Pageants?" Ashton said

"I enjoy meeting new people and making friends."

I them asked "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

"I want to do Pageants for as long as I can and after that I want to do Astrophysics."

"What made you want to do Astrsophysics?"

Ashton explained "My Dad showed me a TV show called "Cosmos" and that taught me a few things and I just find it very interesting."

Finally I asked "How does it feel to have come this far with Miss/Mr Diamond Australia?"

"I feel like I have achieved a lot just doing the Pageant. But I have raised a lot of money, fundraising and I'm proud of that too."

So, there you have it! Pageants are good for the artistic brain! All of those kids, Ashton and the contestants at the event are going to achieve a lot. Whether it be doing Pageants, Modelling or any other path they want to take in life.

And the best part is the fact that all the money raised goes to Charity! 😄😄😄 Yay!

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