#LOTD Double Winged Liner

Hey Mortals! 

I'm back with more eyeliner! Yay for eyeliner! Woo!


I've alrealdy made a blog about liner, however, double liner is a bit harder.

My trick is to start beneath my water line and then flicking the wing out towards the tip of my eyebrow. This way I have a guide when I draw the line on my actual eyelid.

For the second line I start with just a simple line over my lid, stopping where the wing would start to think about placement and length. I make sure to leave a tiny gap imbetween each wing and basically draw the same wing as before but a bit longer or shorter.

Sometimes I join the lines up...

Other times I draw the wings so they flick in different directions....

Whatever you do just have fun with it. 😎😎😎

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