#LOTD: My Anime Obsession.

Hii Mortals!

Today I felt like it was a good day for bright colours! Woo! 

So I went for a bit of a change and wore yellow! 😄😄😄

Since I barely ever wear yellow I had to dig through my clothes a bit. However, I found one of my favorite shirts.


Matching my makeup was actually easier than I thought.

I took my dark red shadow and blended it into my creases and used a burnt orange on the lid area, before highlighting my inner eye corner with a shimmery yellow.

I then lined my eyes with a normal wing and added the lightning blot with just four strokes of my liner brush. My lipstick is just the same dark red colour as before.

This shirt does absolutly nothing for my body shape but I still think its cute ans the patterns are awesome. I just wore this with mini shorts and some converse. 


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