Water Challenge: Benefit 1: My Skin Loves Me

Hey Mortals! It's day 5 of my Water Challenge and I have noticed already that I havn't broken out... 😲 lol what? Usually, I would be breaking out here, there and everywhere.😨 This is because my skin is more dry than a desert in the middel of summer and so my skin finds the need to create its own oils and clogs my pores with the stuff..... Ew.. But no, not this time... 😎😎😎

Now, to be honest, I have been breaking out since I was nine years old and badly too. 😒 And out of everything I have tried, drinking water actually helped the most. My skincare rutine consists of me taking my makeup off and moisturising. Thats it. Do not lather other crap of your face because it won't fix anything. The only other thing that should be put on your face is makeup! Woooo! 😎😎😎😎

But always wash it off before bed. Otherwise it'll clog your pores and all the oil will build up with bacteria and that'll give you a pimple. 😯😯😯

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