I'm living off Water: Week 1

Hey Mortals. Water is good. 😁 You're probably thinking something along the lines of "Duh, Maddy! Everyone knows how important water is!"😐 But I bet you wouldn't drink only water. Especially for a whole month.😂 We all love water but we add so much to it. ☕🍵🍷 From the sugar filled cordial concerntrate to the caffeine found in tea and coffee. And as much as I love my caffeine it prevents your body from absorbing other things consumed with it 😅  

So, through this month I'll be performing an experiment. I'll be taking note of how healthy I feel when I have water and comparing it to what I feel like when I'd have tea, coffee or any other beverage I would consume.🙃So to start off here is a bit of info on how I feel when I have these beverages.🙄 Tea: Makes me feel mentally stimulated, yet doesn't make my body feel any lighter in weight. I usually have tea a few hours before bed or when I get home after a long day working.😌 Coffee: Makes me feel similar. I get a bit more mentally stimulated but I also have the oppisite effect on my body and it grows heavier and slower. 😪 Milk: Makes me feel refreashed but if I have too much I feel sluggish again and a bit sick again. 😵 Wine: This beautiful stuff is my alcohol! Let's face it. Wine has a destiny and that destiny is to be drunk by me! 😂 I am quick to get tipsy and then it wears off, probably just as quickly and I'm sober again but I'm, once again, more tired and I eventually end up falling asleep. Lately, I have felt a lot more in sync with my body and I have been able to push through exhaustion better. Despite my craving for coffee and other drinkables I have been enjoying this challenge because I have been feeling better even after just one day. 😄 Please, help me through this Month by making a donation. The money goes to WaterAid to help supply people with clean water. 

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