#LOTD: Gothic Face Artwork and Corsets!

Hello, Mortals!

I'm back! I got more Goth stuff to show you! ☻☻☻

I love gothic styles because they're very expressive. Not only because they can reveal the sad and dark side, come on, that isn't the only emotion people feel. 😅

Brands like DollsKill and KillStar have been showing the aloof side of goth and alternative fashion and I love it because that's what I'm going for when I'm all gothed up. 😃😃😃

This isn't 2009, guys. No one is using fashion to promote their depression anymore.. 😅

Hell, that wasn't even goth... It was the emo/scene kids and yeah, the bright hair colour and the arm warmers were cool but I didn't like what the subcultures were promoting and I didn't liked being called "emo" or "scene" ever. 😐

If someone asks me why I wear black I usually come up with something very sarcastic to say but the truth is I do it because black goes with every colour and I have this obsessive compulsive tendency to colour coordinate my outfits and makeup. 😊😅

So, I don't care if it isn't Halloween, I don't care if I look scary, I'm still dressing up all dark and stuff because it is visually pleasing.😊 Lololololol 😉

This makeup didn't take too much longer than usual. Maybe about 25 extra minutes, that is including touch ups.😁

My eye shadow is my strongest black taken all over my top lid and blended out towards my brows. I used a bright red for my bottom lid and blended it out, along my winged liner. I then took my liquid liner and drew the swirls underneath the wing and finished off with a red line in between the black liner designs. 

I took the same red to my forhead and drew a diamond. I used mu liquid liner to do line art and then dotted either side of the shape, over the start of my brows and at the bottem of the diamond.😀

Now, so many of us love corsets.😍😍😍

I have been wearing them for ages and I have done a lot of waist training. 


Not that I don't have genetics on my side when it comes to my waist, because I do.

Thanks Mum! 😎🤣 

However, I love adding to my shape. Feeling the securness of steel bones and the overwhemling comfort you get when you come home and take the thing off is just amazing! 😀😅

But so many people don't like feeling that restricted and I can understand it. 😐

So for those of you that love the things but can't wear them because you can't stand the feeling. These tops are amazing! 🤗🤗 They don't suck you in at all but they have the lovely corset design and it does good things for your body shape, despite not being that tight. It just sits on your body really well. 😀😆😀

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