#LOTD It's now Cold Enough to wear a Full Face of Makeup. XD

Hey mortals.

I never thought I'd miss the feeling of my pores being covered in thick, sin toned face goop. XD

But I used BB cream instead of Foundation so I probably don't suffer as much as some people. 

I blended my BB cream in the direction of the tiny hairs on my face, as explained in my last blog post. I then set it with pressed powder, before applying bronzer to my cheek bones and around my jaw and nose structer. 

I then filled and shaped my eyebrows and applied my lipstick, before neatening it up with concealer and setting it with actual setting powder.

I then used a metallic morone eyeshadow and blended it up over my crease and towards my eyebrows. I then used more concealer to shape the area below my crease to create more of a cut crease look. I completed it by adding a pale brown-ish/pink over the concealer and shaded a dark brown into my creases, before adding the winged eyeliner and the dot on my forhead.

This top is the best fabric for warm wheather. Very flowy with thin fabric. 

This is how I havn't melted.. xD 

...Yet.. O.O

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