#LOTD: I'm not Sporty, its just a really Hot day xD

Hey Mortals, today it is a little bit cooler but still very hot!  

I was able to put more makeup on but my face makeup only consists of concealer, contour and highlight. 

I just started by going over my most noticable spots with the concealer, before blending it in a downwards motion (the hair on your face should be positioned  the way the hair naturally grows, this way it reflects the light and creates the illuision of clear skin). 

I then took my bronzer and contoured the less angular parts of the bone structure of my face. I cleaned up the edges of the contour with more concealer, before blending blush and creating a brown to pink gradient.

I then filled in and shaped my brows and cleaned up the edges with more concealer, before doing the same after I apply my red-ish/bronze lipstick. 

I then added a pale gold to base my eyes before taking a gold to my creases and lining my eyes with a sharp wing.

This outfit probably makes people think I've been exercising xD Nope! It's just a good outfit to wear when you feel like you could melt at any moment. 

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