#LOTD: Valentines Day Speacial: How to keep your Makeup from melting off your Face.

Hey, Mortals!

I'm now settled in Queensland! Woo! It's lovely up here! The scenery and the beaches are amazing and there is heaps of fun things to do.

The only problem is being from a cold little island like Tasmania means I am terrible at handling heat. I've been quite zombie-ish and havn't been able to wear the things I normally do. 

However, I can still put makeup on and have it not melt off my face. No, I did not buy a miracle primer and No, I did not buy any speacial brand of makeup.

I have been doing my makeup with long lasting lip sticks. XD Yes, thats right. Only lipstick.

Here is my Valentines Day look. I used long lasting lips stick because sweat can't distort my design and the wand of the lipsticks help me with accuracy and detail.

I based my eyes by dabbing a bright red colour to my upper and lower lids and then I took my dark purple and created a crease, lined my eyes, filled and shaped my brows and then dragged the wand down my contours, before blending them.

I then took my pink and created a sharp outline to my eye makeup amd blended it into the purple crease, before creating swirls and drawing hearts on the side of my forehead and on the side of my jaw.

And then, of course I applied the purple lipstick on my actual lips, as if I was a normal human being xD lol

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