#LOTD: Ice Skating on Hot Days.

Hey Mortals!

Before, I left Tasmania I had to go Ice Skating! Ice Skating is my favorite sport and I have not been able to train for a while but I love it so much that I wish to include it within my Modeling Career.

I had to take my insulated Jacket off because of how much I was moving around. Which is why Skaters dont get cold when they are wearing the pretty dresses during a competition. 

However, stocking and leggings are almost always worn to prevent ice burn (when you fall and the friction of the movment over the ice leaves a burning rash). These legging are good because the fabric is easy to cool down and heat up and the stipes make your legs look longer and define the shape of your legs whick is great for training, due to the fact that coaches need to see how you're using your muscles.

This top made exiting the rink easy and heating up was easy to deal with. The whole time I was having heaps of fun and it turns out I didn't lose as much practise as I thought.

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