#LOTD Beach dreads

Hey Mortals! 

Today, I had some fun. I went to the beach with some Tassie friends to day goodbye before I leave for Queensland.

This is a very Australian look. I made these dreadlocks and in the future I'll be selling them on my website.

I didn't put much makeup on. Just a bit of consealer, contour and blush so I'd look alive. I then applies bright red lipstick and went with winged liner. 

Then I felt like painting a little heart beneath my eye.

This bikini is so comfortable and has a lot of support. I've worn it a lot and it can be used for a range of looks.

And those little bohemian bottems are scorts. Or a cross between a skirt and shorts. They are made ti look like a skirt but they cover your butt better. This is amazing for tall girls because normal shorts and skirts are often too short for a lot of us.