#LOTD Fem Day: 19th Century Event Speacial.

Hello Universe.

I went to the 19th Century Fashion Exhibition today! 

Keeping in mind that despite the fact it's called the 19th century the period is from 1800-1890's... I don't know why these things are made confusing but Im going on a tangent so....

Back to the point!

I love old fashioned EVERYTHING!!! 

My makeup was lightly applied. I wore foundation and setting powder and no concealer and I barely contoured at all and I added to it with more blush. I mainly used a matte highlighter to bring out the white of my skin so it looked like I've been under a parasol my entire life. 

I didnt wear eyeliner, of course. I just added a chocolate brown shade to enhance the colour of my eye and then I just wore a lipstick that matched my natural lip shade.

This hairstyle was hard. Especially with my choppy haircut. I used my extentions to my advantage and created the ringlets hanging from the bun with a two clip piece and hiding the clips with flowers