#LOTD Bisexual Fem Stereotype

Hello Universe!!!

Today for fem day, I went for a stereotypical look and embraced my sexual orientation. 

Woo! Yay for bi pride!

Let me get one thing straight (pun intended xD) I hate stereotypes! With a passion!

Mainly because everyone is unique so even if someone is very stereotypical, they usually have other things about them that are contradictive to the stereotype applied to them. But some things need to be embraced and I chose my sexual orentaion because out of all the LGBTQ pride stuff going on, I've seen very little bi pride. 

So here it is! 

Type of feminine: Bisexual Fem Stereotype

A lot of bi girls put on makeup, usually, a natural look with a slight edge to it so I kept everything very simple today.

I put light face makeup on, consisting of concealer and contour I then just took a jet black eye shadow to my eyes and blended it out, slightly over the creases of my eyes.

It's common for fem bi girls to wear flat caps so I had to. I then just put on this rad cat shirt and dark, freyed, denim shorts. 

Am I a stereotype yet? XD I really don't think I'll ever be. No matter how much I look like it.

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