#LOTD Pride Glitter Goth: LGBTQ Event Speacial.

Hi maultiverse!

Today was a great day. Why? Because of the existence of glitter and one of the most fun events I've ever been too!!! Yay!! Glitter and good times!!

Type of gothic: Pride Glitter

This event was for young people of the LGBTQ community. The point was not only celebration of Australia voting yes but it was also giving encouragment to those who have only just figured those parts of  themselves out. 

And it was amazing. I met so many amazing, unique people, all of which were very kind. 

Today, I started by being able to put full face makeup on and then I took my pink glitter and spread it over my cheek contour and blush. I used the holographic glitter as a highlight by applying it above the pink glitter. 

This created a cute freckled look. 

I then used purple pigment cream to my eyes and I shaped it so it winged out like eyeliner. I set this with the same colour in metallic eye shadow and then I went over it in purple glitter. I then took a royal blue to my creases and put royal blue glitter over that.  And finally I used pink shadow and blended it along the blue andalong the purple wing, created earlier. Once again going over that with more pink glitter.

So much glitter!

I used a dark purple lip stick and also put pink and purple glitter over that.

And then stuck rhinestones to my forehead with eyelash glue, before, actually applying fake lashes.

Last but not least, glitter roots! I started with the blue sparkles and then I put the purple below the blue and pink beneath the purple and then I ran my fingers through my hair to create more of a gradient.

I just wore a black top that had pink, blue and purple sparkles and the black skirt was pinned up at the sides so I could walk without tripping over. xD I then added pink, ripped stockings and applied glitter to my arms.

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