#LOTD Pastel Gothic Victorian: Photoshoot Outfit

Hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!! :D

I am so excited for my next shoot!!! The best part about it is that it is Gothic Fairytale themed!!!!

Woo! So keen!

This pink highlighter is so glarey xD hehe

I marked out where I wanted the highlight and then I blended it in with my finger. I then based my eyes with a light pink and then went into my creases with a brighter pink and blended it up and outwards, towards my brow bone.

I'm wearing a dress, a long skirt and this amazing leather corset.

The dress is amazing to wear like this and with just a belt too. It makes a really cute summer outfit but I love wearing it like this too. Old fashion styles have speacial place in my heart. 😁❤

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