#LOTD- Blue Dragonfly!

Hello mortals! 

Today, I really didnt know what to do so I just winged it! PUN INTENDED!!!! 

(No shame, either xD)

Animal: Dragonfly

Once again, face makeup would've melted off my face. But I found light blue highlighter so I couldnt resist trying that!

I just used the highlight to mark out where I wanted the light to catch my face and I used my finger to blend it in. I then based my eyes with a light blue and added a royal blue under my eyes and to my crease.

I lined my eyes, ever so slightly and drew little tear drop shapes to create the dragon fly wings. I then dotted down my cheeks from my outter eye corner to create the insects body.

Then I went over my the outter half of my crease and swirled it upwards. (Can't really see it in the picture)

This cute crop top is great for summer and it goes very well with skirts, shorts and pants. 

I just added the cardigan to cover up and these Broadway Sunglasses from NORA NYCNORA NYC

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