Friday is Goth day

Hello fellow mortals!

I'm sorry for being lazy, its so hot, I could barley get dressed at all. Then I had the idea to wear a bikini top. Cool, smooth fabric that is able to survive in water, best thing to wear on a reall hot day.

Type of gothic: Sumner Gothic

Of course I only wore eye makeup. Everythimg else would've melted off my face. 

I just based my eyes with a slightly more pink than skin tone and then lined my eyes with a small classic wing before dotting beneath my eyes, accross ways with liquid liner. 

And the last touch was the three dots on my forehead. Starting with a big dot and making the other two getting slightly smarter.

This bikini is great for hot summer days and going to the beach. To cover up a bit I just put on some denim shorts and this knitted/woven cardigan.

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