#LOTD Thursday is Mythology Day!!

Hello People Online!

I have a big fascination when it comes to mythology and lore. So Thursdsy is a day for mythological inspiration cuz YAY!!!! 

Creature: Mermaid 


To be honest with you guys, this was very hard. I've never contoured with bright colours before but I reckon it went all good for a first try.

I started off with the bright sky blue dye (food dye! So your skin survives!) And I marked out where I usually contour and then I went over it in the same colour but in powder so it'd be more vibrant. I then took the same blue to my brows so it'd matcg the wig.

I then used purple as a blush but I applied it by blendimg it into the blue so we have more of a gradient, rather than blush. I then extedned this gradient to my cheeks and thats how I got more of a blushing effect.

I then added the same, pink colour too my eyes as a base, before taking the purple from before and adding it to my crease.

I then dotted down the sides of my nose, from my outter eye corner to my temple and of course on my forhead.

This Top is covered in sequins! I love it!! And with the scale leggings its great for a mermaid look!

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