#LOTD Wednesday Genre Corssover

Oh Hi there!

Today is a great day to be different! So what I like to do with my outfits is to take two styles and blend them into one. I've come up with some rad combos but it's so hard, so its a good challenge for a Wednesday.

Genre's: Pinup and Goth

This makeup was so easy, no joke, I'm only using 2 colours. I used a bright red for my lid area and then I shaded black into my crease? Before, adding the eyeliner and flicking it out towards the tip of my brow.

For my lips I just used a black matte lipstick and then I used a dark red over the top to make a subtle gradient.

This was a fun outfit I just got aome black shorts and a lace, button up, crop top. I added the red and black cardigan to blend the 2 genres a bit more.

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