#LOTD Tuesday is Tone day

Hello Good People, Unicorns and Aliens! Lol

Today, I decided Tuesday is a good day for experimenting with different tones of my complection. This is very fun, you can do so many looks with just colour, alone but you can take things to another level when you use different tones to your advantage.

Today's Tones: Muted

This look was fun! I used a peach coloured base to start off with and then I added a deep maroon to bring out more colour in my eyes and to create the illusion of warmth to my complection. I then created depth by adding black to my outter corners, this also created a rad gradient.

I then went over the area below my creass with a pale brown, bring out more of my eye colour and my skintone. I lined my eyes with a normal cat eye, before drawing my little swirls going over my temple and along my brows.

I'm wearing two lipsticks, one being apploed to the whole area and the other being placed into the middle and rubbed in so the two blend into an ombre.

This top is really cute and perfect for hot summer days. Not to mention the fact that it goes with the makeuo perfectly. I just added the freyed shorts, gold jewlery and the gold sunnies. 

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