# LOTD Monday Colour Day: Purpleness!

Hello Internet People!

I decided Monday is Colour day so challenges will be related to colour and contrast and stuff. Why? Because everyone hates Monday and I think it's because no one has made Monday  Colour Day. 🌈 

Colour makes everything better so now Monday can be too xD YAY!

Today's Colour: Purple 

This was a fun look ♡

I started off with a pink-purple base for my entire lid. I then took my deepest purple and blended it into my crease and outwards at my outter eye corner.

I then coloured the area below my crease with my brightest purple and the same pink-purple base colour from earlier.

My lips just consist of a dark purple matt lip stick and a bight, metallic, purple shimmer. I then lined the top of my eyes and rounded the flick up to the tip of my brows. I then drew dots down my forhead and up my temples.

I ripped these thin fabricated jeans, myself. This top has a sick purple tie-dye pattern and it creates a rad gothic vibe to the outfit.

I just finished the look off with an amethyst pendant and the awseome, coloured sunnies.

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