#LOTD Butterfly Eyes (Sunday is Animal Day)

Hey earthly beings!

Today was another great day to be as arty as possible. And I had the best idea! Since I've been doing some animalistic looks with my makeup, I figured every Sunday can be a day for those types of looks.

Todays Animal: Butterfly

So to start off this test of skill I've chosen a lovely creature for my makeup inspiration. Butterflies are awesome, they start off looking like a hairy worm and then they sleep for ages and wake up all pretty.... I don't know about you guys but I think thats rad...

I started off with a dark grey colour and shaped my shadow evenly along the bottem of my brow bone and working down as I get closer towards the inner corner of my eye. I then worked black into my crease, before taking the smallest brush I have and using concealer to mark out the blue pattern and lid area. I then worked shimmery blue to set the concealer and used my liquid liner to darken the wing pattern and neaten everything up and of course the classic, short winged liner.

I also used my liner to create the black framing of the top wings and then drew dots down the sides of the bridge of my nose and parallel to my winged liner.

I then contrasted the colours with this cute, lace, ruffle top and mini, lace skirt. I wanted it to look like a good night time style so I thought those two pieces were best for today. 

I just added the necklace because I think its pretty x3

Hope you're excited for next sunday!

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