#LOTD Doggo Appreciation and Photoshoot Makeup Prac ♡

Hi internet universe!

So one of my previous LOTD's showed my appreciation towards cats. I bet most of you think I am a cat person xD which is not entirly correct or incorrect because...

..I'm just an animal person in general..

From Cats and Dogs to Snakes and Rats.


This makeup isn't so animal related but will be similar for one of my next photoshoots. 

What's your favorite animal?

Challenge: Resist the urge to make everything match perfectly.

I thought of a million ideas in an instant when I went to do my makeup but I couldn't do any of them unless I was giving into that urge.

It actually did my head in a bit xD 

Until! I realised there was not enough pink!

So I got a light, shimmery pink base colour and covered my entire eyelid. I then got a shimmery, red-pink shadow and I lined halfway underneath my eye and the outter corner of my crease. I then took a lighter pink and used it for the middle of my lid, before taking the same base colour and using it as highlight for the inner corner of my eye.

I then just got my eyeliner and gave myself as bold wings, as possible. Then I just drew 2 lines under each eye and 3 on the bridge of my nose with one small dot above the lines and a slightly bigger one, above that.

This doggo appreciaction outfit consists of a black mini dress and this cute jumper. ❤❤❤❤🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶❤❤❤❤

Then I just shoved some loopie earrings in and pinned my hair back.

Remember to let us know if you want to see spersific styles and what yourfavorite anumal is.

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