#LOTD My Morbid Side

Hi hi hi hi hi hi!

Do you guys know how excited I am to start my course? 


And so I wanted to test my skill buy trying to look as beaten up as possible without the SPFX makeup kits, I'll soon be getting.

Challenge: look like you're  on the verge of death. 

You can't really see that black eye very well but at least it is visible at all. 

I didn't put that much usual makeup on I just used the bb of the cream and I then packed on red eye shadow as a irritated looking base colour for the bruising area. I then went in with a dark purple to create the illusion of where the blood would be most built up, under the skin. So I blended the purple into my inner eye corner and underneath that part that puffs up when you get sick or something, the corner or my lip and the side of my head.

I used yellow and green to create the highlights of the bruising and to give the illusion of slight swelling.

And then I did my eyeliner as badly as possible, before using a wet makeup brush to make it look like I'd been crying.

Okay so I don't look like I'm on the verge of death but I still look like Ive been smacked around. 

For the extra bloodstains I just used food dye and I smudged my lipstick for more drama too. :)

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