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Hello organisms on the internet! 

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has liked my facebook page. I didn't know this many people would appreciate my work. Thankyou all heaps! 

Second thing is, if you want me to do a spersific style, show you how to do something or even if you just want to know something, comment what you want me to do/talk about and I'll write an entire blog and to anyone who does this, you can also have a shoutout, if they want. 


How does that sound?

Challenge: Cut Crease with that Arabic smokey eye look.

So I thought, black, liner wings and a dramatic look.

This was so difficult! My eye shadow was being mean and not doing the cool smokey thing that arabic makeup artists do best. 

However, no matter how much it didn't really look the way I wanted it too, it was still a mad gothic look.

I started off by using a brown base for my entire lid area and then I slowly and carfully created depth to my eyes by using a black for my crease.

I then went over the lid area, below my crease in a shimmery peach colour. I then lined my entire eye, from inner eye corner to outter eye corner and back around to meet the inner corner and creating a small, downward point. I then drew my wings, barely curving them, before I take the same black shadow as before and I blend it into my wing.

For this makeup, I felt like a soft gothic look would be best. I just wore this see-through top over this dress to feel a little more covered but not so much that I overheat. 

I had too add the cute heart choker, I thought it'd be the perfect finishing touch.

Remember to comment anything you want me to write about or if you want me to do a speesific look! ♡♡♡ HAPPY DAYS!

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