#LOTD Happy New Year! X2 styles

Well hello there lovely people and 2018! Happy New Year!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Challenge: Day and Night

Today, I wore my favorite colour, blue. And I just had to put some around my eyes.

All brown or blue eyed makeup lovers, remember blue and brown are complementary colours. 

I started off with a yellow gold base to add to my entire lid. I then took a royal, shimmery blue and added it to my crease and blended it out. 

I then took a sky blue and I blended it out and into the royal blue, before going back over the area below my crease in the same gold I used as a base.

Then I just added a straight wing and I dotted underneath each one from the outter eye corner and towards my temple.

This top is "Pierce the Veil" Merchandise (rock band I listened too in high school). It was a t- shirt until I got some scissors and cut the sleeves and around the neck line.

I just chucked that top on with some freyed shorts and a rockabilly headband. I then added some gold jewlery and some of my favorite round, coloured sunnies.

When night came I didn't redo my makeup, I just added too it. 

I started off by changing my eyeshadow to silver tones, before adding a black to my crease.

I then draw a crescent moon on my face and a sphere in the dip of the moon shape. I then dotred down the dridge og my nose, making the dots smaller and smaller as I go down my face.

The nights get cold down here so I changed into a black, hooded mini dress ans added a beanie. 

I also swapped my jewlery for something silver.

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