#LOTD French Goth

Hello/Bonjour internet

My new goal for this year is to test my skills so this years challenges will be more intense and I'll also be looking for suggestions so feel free to just comment anything you want me to try. 

Challenge: French Style and French Techniques.

This was very hard. I usually don't do this because I like my coverage, however French makeup is usually very light and subtle. I've seen most of their makeup artists use bb creams and light eye shadow tones, if any at all.

This eye shadow is probably a little dark for the style but I started off with a grey base and softly blended black into my crease, only towards the outter eye corners. The only thing I did after that was put mascara on and I just coloured in the less visible parts of my brow. I didn't give it any structure or anything.

I didn't even contour, I used a little bit of bronzer and some cream blush and that's about it.

I'm just wearing a button up crop top with a lace trim and some black leggings ti match the look. I added a black choker and a rockabilly headband just to finish it off.

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