#LOTD Muted Summer

Hey there, internet community. :) 

Today I was thinking a lot about modern fashion and how you can end up looking real fancy for not that much money. 

Challenge: Keep look really simple.

In Tasmania we love Second-hand or "Opp" shops. And in the past couple of years these shops have been filling up with really nice garments. Inface a lot of the clothes from my photoshoot are from Salvos Stores so I wanted to show you guys how you trick people into thinking youre rich with your clothes. XD haha

So, starting off with my face, I started off with a soft, gold base and then added a shimmery, dark purple to the crease of my eye. I then blended that purple out with the same gold as the base, going with the shape of your brow bone.

After that I coloured the section of my eyelid that remains below my crease in with a shimmery, peach- pink, following the proportions of my eye.

You can find pieces of clothing similar to this top and skirt. All I did was tuck the top into the skirt and then I added gold jewlery and circle sunnies. :)