Fashion Industry Pros and Cons: Con: Dangers of the Modeling Industry

Hello, curious people. As a model, I have some understanding of the industry, and it is not as glamorous as you might think. As much as I've always wanted to do what I am doing, I've felt very conflicted about it. There are advantages and disadvantages attached to every path you might take in life and being a model is no exception. Models are exposed to real dangers to their health and wellbeing in the industry. As you may know, the Industry has been cracking down on agencies that mistreat their models and making some effort to challenge unhealthy stereotypes of feminine beauty. Lately, we've been seeing more shape to models and plus size modelling has been more of a success around the world than predicted. It has become fashionable to be comfortable in your own skin, to an extent…

Still, 64.1% of Models have been asked to lose weight by an agency and 68.3% have anxiety and/or depression. Keeping in mind, a lot of these girls are really young when they start and are exposed to these attitudes; I started when I was only nine. This can put a lot of pressure on the girls at the agencies. 48.7% of models fast or do cleanses, over short periods of time, to prevent weight gain. This is how women get sick, fasting does have benefits, if it is performed correctly but it can also lead to eating disorders and 31.2% of models have eating disorders.

Models are also often exposed to drugs! 76.5% of models are exposed to drugs and alcohol on the job! 50.6% have been exposed to cocaine. This also has an impact on eating disorders and can make it harder for models to regain their normal weight and metabolism speed.

This next issue makes me the angriest, sexual exploitation. 86.8% of models are asked to pose nude for a job or casting without advance notice. THIS IS DISTURBINGLY UNPROFESSIONAL! Even if you are comfortable with nude shoots, people are taken advantage of all of the time and it isn’t hard for them to assure you by paying you the respect of giving you some notice. Putting someone on the spot can be a way to pressure someone into doing something they may not usually and if they are willing to pressure you, then they'll be willing to use your photos however they please, with or without your consent.