#LOTD Classy Smoke :P

Hello Internet population!

It was so hot today that I couldn't get out of bed until like 4:00pm. xD

Challenge: Wear black on a day that is too hot for it.

And so the cool off afternoon allowed me to wear heat absobing black!

I love wearing black because it contrasts well with every colour. But in summer I can't wear it much because it causes overheating. It's very unhealthy and unpleasant. 

So I was happy the heat of the day was wearing off but I stuck to only wearing black due too the fact that I wanted to do something more classy than wild.

I gave myself a pale, shimmery, gold base and blended it in with a grey/copper colour at the outer corners of my eyes.

I then added black to my crease and softly blended it out towards my brow bone.

I then just lined my eyes with a classic, curved out wing and added black lipstick.

This outfit it just a plane dress and the frilly top to add an artistic flair. To be honest the dress alone would've been enough but I like frills. :3

I put a few pins in my hair and added a headband and then I put on fancy looking silver jewlery and some black platforms. 

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