#LOTD I love Cats!

Okay guys, today I found a pair of my thigh high socks. CAT THIGH HIGH SOCKS!...

Challenge: Express favorite animal though look.

...I just had too...

You may wonder why I am wearing a beanie in Summer? Down in Tasmania, we have a lot of rapid temperature change and sometimes even arctic winds...

...Also it matched the socks..

Okay, I started off with my makeup by applying a white base to my entire eye and down the side of my cheek bones. I then added a light pink to my crease, starting with a pale shimmer at the inner eye corner and working my way out to create a gradient.

Repeting the same steps with my under eye shadow, I then lined my eyes, double winged and then a little swirl in between the two wings, before dotting cat paw prints up my cheek bones.


I contrasted the pink of the cats nose with a muted pink top and then I just chicked on some freyed shorts and the beanie to add another element of black.

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