Boxing day #LOTD

Hey guys! 

I have a box on my head because boxing day! :3 

Challenge: draw a box on your face.

Today was a great day for the colour orange! Yay! 

I started off by using a shimmery gold base and then I mixed a red and pale orange colour together and applied it to the crease of my eye. I then created a gradient from my inner eye corner with a yellow gold and blended it into a bright, sparkling orange.

I then double winged my eye liner and pointed it down at my inner eye corner. I then spotted down my inner eye, making the dots smaller as I go down my face.

The box on my forehead is just a simple square with spots going down the bridge of my nose, once again getting smaller and smaller, as I go down my face.

I complemented my makeup with one of my favorite crop tops. Bright orange, of course and then I just put on some freyed, denim shorts.

I put on a black rockabilly bandanna headband on and some silver jewlery, to finish it off.

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