Challenge: Complement eye colour with earth colours.

Okay folks, this was hard because usually I'd just go bright blue and my eyes would practically pop from my skull. But I wanted to be bold so I chose colours that appeared in my eye colour and black, which nade me think of volcanos and destructive earthy stuff.

I used a pale brown base and contoured my eye with black, before making it into a cat eye shape as I blended my eye shadow. 

I then took a red shadow and drew a line, going a long the black contour and up the little cat eye flick. I then blended it in with the black to create a dark red gradient.

I then used a shimmery gold to add to the contour of my eye and I applied it to my lids and my brow bone as a colourful highlight.

I tied everything together with a black, lacey romper and a black sun hat, complemented by some rose gold sunnies. ♡

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