Food Shopping for Models.

Okay guys, I've heard a lot of stupid things people think models do to keep their bodies looking nice and usually they are the types of things that will give someone some type of deficiency (vitamin/mineral) or lead to an eating disorder. I'd like to explain how I keep myself slender whilst remaining healthy, physically and mentally. The most sensible idea is to stay away from starches and carbs and focus on the rest of the food groups, equally. For example, I dont stay away from chocolate (that is impossible for me!) I just eat dark chocolate. Substituting less unhealthy options is easier than cutting junk food out all together. I do stay away from potatoes and pasties. When you're trying to eat like this, in supermarkets you see the most confusing advertising. Like frozen raspberries.. 

I love frozen berries, they are great for smoothies and slushies and they are a great way to eat well and not depress your wallet. But they are not fresh. This could be very self-defeating advertising, in my opinion (of course, there is a lot that is contradictory or weird in advertising). These words are designed to psychologically convince you that the food is healthier and should be bought. We see "fresh" written down somewhere and we are more likely to be tempted to buy it because it must be healthier. But really, for my purposes, frozen berries are a better option for keeping up my healthy eating, they're just not fresh. Let me explain... Now, if I used fresh berries for my smoothies, they'd be really thin and overpowering but the frozen ones enable me to add more nutrition to my smoothies because the frost around them keeps all the good stuff in and also dilutes the juices so it doesn't taste too strong. So, for my purposes, frozen is better than 'fresh' would be because they make the smoothies more pleasant, so they make eating well easier. As a seasoned smoothie maker, the words chosen to promote the product don't actually seduce me into buying the product. Fail! I buy them, disregarding the weird advertising, because frozen is better for my purposes than fresh would be, because I know they're not really fresh. If I didn't know that, though... Well, I don't know how I'd make my smoothies. It's more efficient for your health and your wallet if you ignore the advertising and go with something that fits the way you eat better as all food products are going to try to trick you into thinking they're a healthy option because they all want to be bought! I also like to make little salads using a leaf mix, sun-dried tomatoes, protein of some variety (like tuna) and I make an avocado dressing to go with it. But at the shop today, I saw this...

Gluten free tomatoes! Oh thats good, Im gluten intolerant. 😐😐😐😐 Guys, if you have tomatoes with gluten in them do you think they're actual tomatoes? Unless they're battered, tomartoes should be free of gluten. Just sayin'... The moral of the story is to not take advertising seriously at all. Do your research and know what is healthiest for your body in your circumstances. Don't take nutritional advice from food packaging! Other than taking health advice from advertising, another thing we do is eat 3 big meals a day and maybe snack in between. Now this is not actually as healthy as you'd think. We are able to absorb more nutrients if we eat smaller portions and eat more times during the day. This is actually really good if you want to eat more in order to build muscle instead of just losing weight. Proteins can fill you up very quickly so if you have, say, sushi, you maybe able to eat it quickly and you'd get full quickl