Maintaining platinum/white hair

My hair used to be quite dark, damaged and very colourful from faded dye.

I had to go to the hair dressers 3 times in total to get my hair light enough. I also got toning shampoo and conditioner and in result of having to repair my hair after bleaching, I washed it less. (From twice to once a week). If you don't reduce the amount of times you wash your hair you will stip all the natural oils from it and it will break easier. (Remember the bleach in salons can be very harsh on your hair, even more so that store bought bleach. The stuff in salons just works better and is safer......Usually xD..) lol

I was left with yellow tones and dry hair but it looked a lot better and was starting to soak up some of the treatment that was put in my hair by my hair dresser. 

It smelled of coconut! :D

I used a range of products to repair my hair, such as, keratin and argan oil, home made hair masks and some argan oil heat protect.

After a couple of weeks (6-8 weeks) of repairing I had to go back to get the split ends cut and my roots re-done. Getting your roots done at the right time is critical! I cannot stress this enough! If you leave ypur roots for too long you will end up with a gross orange line around your head.

When you have the bleach applied, it feels tingly and it warms up very fast. Don't panic unless it hurts or burns, stay calm and tell your hairdresser so they can remove it ASAP.

After 45 minutes of bleach and 5-10 minutes of toner they will rinse and style it for you, maybe even a cut/trim, if you like.

And after my third trip I was left with this pale, shiny hair that was easy to style. I am still repairing/treating my hair but despite all that bleach it has been kept very healthy.

Any questions? ♡

I hope this helped :)

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