February 23, 2018

Well Hello, mortals! 😀😀😀

Today, it's cool enough to wear a t-shirt! Wow, I must sound very Tasmanian. 😂

But seriously, I didn't think I'd  be able to wear shirts until June. 😂

Has anyone checked out TeenHearts? If not there is a link at the bottem of my blog! 😉 


February 23, 2018

Hello, Mortals!

I'm back! I got more Goth stuff to show you! ☻☻☻

I love gothic styles because they're very expressive. Not only because they can reveal the sad and dark side, come on, that isn't the only emotion people feel. 😅

Brands like DollsKill and KillStar have been...

February 21, 2018

Hey mortals.

It has been cooling down a bit more lately. Making clothes more comfortable to wear and makeup easier to stay on my face.

Today, I went for a simple daytime look, I didn't even wear extentions.

I literally just did my usual face makeup rutine and then added a...

February 19, 2018

Hey Mortals!

So, by now it may be quite obviouse that I like Cats and diverse cultures.... And  gothic stuff...


Because all three are awesome... Duh!.. 

After applying my notmal face makeup, I took the strongest black eye shadow I had and created a cat eye shape as I...

February 18, 2018

Hey mortals.

I never thought I'd miss the feeling of my pores being covered in thick, sin toned face goop. XD

But I used BB cream instead of Foundation so I probably don't suffer as much as some people. 

I blended my BB cream in the direction of the tiny hairs on my face,...

February 17, 2018

Hey Mortals, today it is a little bit cooler but still very hot!  

I was able to put more makeup on but my face makeup only consists of concealer, contour and highlight. 

I just started by going over my most noticable spots with the concealer, before blending it in a dow...

February 16, 2018

Hey, Mortals!

I'm now settled in Queensland! Woo! It's lovely up here! The scenery and the beaches are amazing and there is heaps of fun things to do.

The only problem is being from a cold little island like Tasmania means I am terrible at handling heat. I've been quite...

February 14, 2018

Hey Mortals!

Before, I left Tasmania I had to go Ice Skating! Ice Skating is my favorite sport and I have not been able to train for a while but I love it so much that I wish to include it within my Modeling Career.

I had to take my insulated Jacket off because of how mu...

February 8, 2018

Hey Mortals! 

Today, I had some fun. I went to the beach with some Tassie friends to day goodbye before I leave for Queensland.

This is a very Australian look. I made these dreadlocks and in the future I'll be selling them on my website.

I didn't put much makeup on. Just...

February 2, 2018

Hello Universe.

I went to the 19th Century Fashion Exhibition today! 

Keeping in mind that despite the fact it's called the 19th century the period is from 1800-1890's... I don't know why these things are made confusing but Im going on a tangent so....

Back to the point!


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